Summer time and its a busy busy period

General Updates

Once again I have failed to post an update for a long time!

Just been so busy with work/radio/ and various other projects, that finding the time to write them all up is tricky.

My plan now it to do at least a monthly summary update on the status of various projects.

So here’s the latest.

  1. Write up of June Summar Solstice event with EssexHam
  2. Antenna tracking project. The prototype now working. (post coming soon)
  3. CTCSS decoder project, now completed will be appearing on the shop at this week.
  4. Morse Trainer and decoder, project on hold until I can find more time.
  5. HamPi-  preconfigured SD cards containing all the programs that HAM radio users would want. Coming in a couple of weeks. Idea is that its a plug and play SD card for use with Raspberry PI and an SDR dongle. (SDR, APRS, ADSB)
  6. Upcoming events with EssexHam for the Apollo 50th Anniversary


That’s it for now, so check back soon for the Antenna Satellite tracker project write up

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