Saturday Field Day

Amateur Radio

To mark the end of the GB1JSS callsign, I once again went to Galleywood Common with Essex Ham group.

I arrived a little early and was the first person there, which was ok as I wanted to try my setting up on my own. This time the set up was a much quicker and less stressful affair.. Just 15 mins to get set up..



Using a single pole with the half size G5RV is really easy. As I have already proved it works!

So this is the set up i’m going to use from now on for portable work. I think I might try with a End Fed Wire for some experimentation at some point in the future.


As I was there on my own I was operating under my own Callsign M6ONH on 10 watts, and made one contact with France.


It wasn’t long before a few others turned up. Was also listening to GB3DA and hear the others calling to say they were on their way. So all was good.


The weather was fantastic again, really is a great hobby in this weather. May change my mind come winter…


Spent the afternoon working on 40m, it was a busy afternoon/evening as there were hundreds of contest stations. I called a few of them and put out a couple of CQ calls with some contacts across Europe.

As this was the 3rd field day in a week, we decided that it was probably good idea not to go on for too long. So packed up before 8pm and headed to the pub…

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