Little Introduction

Amateur Radio

Well here is the new website, my little personal website on the internet for all things I enjoy. And probably will be some moans about things I don’t enjoy, but will try to keep them to a minimum…

I guess this story should start with bit of Amateur Radio background, seeing as its really what the site was built for..

I started my journey into amateur radio about 1 year ago building an ADS-B receiver using a raspberry pi and a small USB TV Dongle SDR receiver. Became interested in other things you could do with radio signals and mini computers. (more posts coming soon) which lead me to attend my local club night, CARS (Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society), who were doing a talk about raspberry pi’s in amateur radio… Of course before I left the evening, I has signed up as a member and paid to do my Foundation License. Few months later and I passed my first exam in June this year. Thanks to Pete (M0PSD) who was very welcoming.

Have held my first callsign for less than a week (3 days at time of posting this) and have already made contacts with people from around Europe on HF 20meters and 40 meters. Not bad with just 10Watts of power.

I also have built my own DMR hotspot using a raspberry pi and MMDVM module (again more posts to follow) which just today I got working and started talking to people from all over the world! One chap in Mexico, another on holiday in France, and an Australian who was up watching the LeMan 24 hour race on the tv…

It is really an exciting (subjective I know) hobby and I’m really looking forwards to talking to more and more people.

This week is going to be good fun as Thursday is the Summer Solstice, longest day of the year and one of the local groups in Essex, Essex Hams, are running a field day, of which I have been to Several. Great bunch of people who have helped me get into the hobby. Shout out to Pete (M0PSX) and Charlie (M0PZT) to name just two…

More on that shortly.

So that’s going to wrap up my first post, I am still writing the website and deciding what information to put on here. so check back again soon.

73 (radio talk for best wishes)


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