Busy Monday night, table top sale and my first net!

Amateur Radio

So I thought I would put a short post up after my first ever Monday Night Net. (A net is when a group of radio users get together on one frequency, the net controller passes the “talking stick” around the group in order, so everyone gets their turn to have a natter).

As is usual in my life I seemed to be doing two things at once, last night I was in Danbury with CARS for the table top sale (more on that later). So i joined the net a little later. But as is always the case when the controller gets to the bottom of the list they ask if anyone else would like to join and you just call up with your callsign. You are then acknowledged, added to the list and you get your first turn on the radio.

Now this net is run through one of the local repeaters which is located in Danbury, GB3DA is its callsign. which means even on a small hand held radio pumping out a few watts, most of essex can hear and join the net no matter where their are.  I did my short introduction and passed it back to the controller .

The next few overs were tricky as I was packing boxes back into the car but it was great to talk to a few other new M6 call signs. There was one chap, Andrew (another one), who was transmitting for the first ever time. He did a great job and seems to be enjoying himself as much as me on the net.

The last round was as I was sat in the car eating my fastfood on the way home, I realised after people were talking about food, i was a bit hungry.. Oh yes missed breakfast and lunch!

My final over, I said my thanks to everyone, talked a little about my DMR (post coming soon) and said I was looking forwards to Thursday for the summer solstice field event.

Finally got home about 10pm after a busy day!

The CARS table top sale was great evening, over 60 people attended which meant there were lots of people looking a the vast array of items I had taken. Very pleased that most of the bits I took along were sold. Just makes a bit more space at home, things sold included a Baofeng DMR radio, old Printer, Projector, Keyboard with stand, camera and various bits and bobs. Made over £200 so went away happy there.. I would say that’s £200 towards something new for radio, but seeing as I’ve already spent more than that, so its just reduced the bill…



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    comment Pete @ Essex Ham says

    Thanks for joining our Net for the first time, and for the live report from the Skills Night!

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