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I was asked to do a talk at my local radio club Thames Amateur Radio Group, about RaspberryPi and Arduino’s and the various projects ive built. So I put together a little presentation and took along some of the projects I have worked on in the past.

Last night I did the talk at TARG and will be doing it again at a lot of the other great local clubs. Acorns, Sears, Baddars. See the bottom for dates.

Whilst I didn’t focus on Raspberry Pi’s that much, there are plenty of good guides out there. I wanted this to be an introduction into Arduinos and various other MicroController boards in the hope it sparks someone else to give it a go.

On the right are couple of photos of just before I started. It was well attended and had some interesting questions and topics discussed.

For those who wanted to get a copy of the Presentation, I have attached a link to it below. (although if you are planning on coming to see my talk at one of the clubs, I’d wait till afterwards)

Please feel free to ask me any questions, and if you would like to build your own projects. I sell a number of boards and components over at my webstore https://hamtronics.uk.

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