Hi, my name is Andrew and I am an amateur radio enthusiast.

I have completed the 3 radio exams.

  • Foundation – June 2018 (M6ONH)
  • Intermediate – July 2018(2E0ONH)
  • Full – December 2018. (M0ONH)

My radio set up for operating portable. I enjoy getting out /p and operate on HF. I have worked thousands of miles with a Yaesu FT857D and a leisure battery, with a fishing pole antenna.

Current Callsign M0ONH

The I've just worked Hawaii cheer.

This website is a way for me to share my own experiences, explain how I became interested in Amateur radio, information about current events I am attending, and hopefully spark some new people into taking up the hobby.

I will be trying to run a blog with regular updates on the topics, and probably a few more random things, at least a few times a month.

Anyway, for now 73’s

Latest on Twitter

Close to 20 members of @EssexRaynet deployed today as part of #ExAdler4 - a simulated maritime incident at Harwich. Well done to all involved with Comms, and the event generally https://t.co/AWZ28d24w6

Major maritime incident exercise taking place today, Monday 16th September in Harwich, Essex. We 'may' get called out to assist! https://t.co/qHTIYbTE2k

Today is Emergency Services Day. Our friends at GB1NHS will be on-air later in support of the day. #hamradio #raynet #UserServices #Syllabus1B1 https://t.co/Ij5eEy6BtL

CW help needed! We’ve been presented with the chance to promote the hobby later in the month. I’m looking for Morse operators for an exciting event between 6:30-10pm on Wednesday 25 September in Central London. If you’re interested and free on that date, please contact Pete M0PSX

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